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    Free Benefits for Providing Your Ratings
    This site is free for your use. If you assist your fellow community members in providing providing positive feedback or ratings for a new business or professional not in our database, or add your comments about one already in our database, you will be eligible for free gift certificates from our sponsoring businesses and community groups.

    In addition you will receive our Community Connections email newsletters summarizing additions to the site and advising of upcoming events of interest.

    Begin by visiting the Recommend A New Business section

    Add your Business
    Businesses and Professionals who are not in our database can get added very easily. Our three criteria are:
    1) You market to those over 50 and welcome their business;
    2) You and your staff are making a difference in your local community or the world community through donations, volunteering and spearheading projects; and
    3) You business stands out for providing a high level of customer service and your customers recommend you to others.

    You can use our convenient form to add your business to our database and even obtain testimonials from existing customers. All in under 10 minutes! Visit the Get Recommended page to begin.

    The Awards
    "Best Loved By Their Over 50 Customers' Awards. They "Make A Difference" in this community. Recommend & Nominate Your Favorite Business, Professional or Service Provider.

    Award recipients will be selected from all recommendations made and will be based on those which best meet the 3 criteria above. Recipients will receive wide recognition on this site and through other media.
    Nominate Here! March 31, 2004 deadline.

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