The Paco Method

A Complete Customer Acquisition And Loyalty System

We're Very Sorry! 

We Are Not Allowed To Offer The Paco Method Formula To Wealthy, Successful Restaurant, Bars, Food Trucks Owners & Managers, Who Aren't Working Day & Night, With Customers In Every Seat, And Long Lineups Almost All The Time.

They've Used All Or Parts Of The Paco Method Already, Obviously.

When You Get The Paco Method Now

-You Get A Unique Formula & Managed System For Acquiring New Customers And Turning Them Into Loyal Lifetime Customers On An Exclusive Basis


-You (Your restaurant, food truck, bar, other food services) Will Mine, And Use For Your Advantage, Every Piece Of Positive Feedback & Comments

-You Will Become A Star With Your Customers-Their friend, their confidant, their trusted advisor on your best food products that day, a leader in the community they will follow

-You Will Become A Star In Your Neighborhood And Your Community And People

-You And Your Staff Will Know Exactly The 5-10 Words You Need To Say To Every Prospective Customer (Depending on the type of customer and the read you get) To Get Them To Truly Want To Come Into Your Business. Yes, This Will Take Some Training & Practice

-You Will Know And Use 3 Advanced Digital Marketing Methods Almost No One Else Is Using To Lure And Attract New Customers To Your Place of Business

-You Will Know And Use 3 Old School Marketing Methods and Principles of Persuasion That Go Back To The Times Of Dale Carnegie And Other Master Persuaders That Everyone Else Has Forgotten

-You Will Develop Great Marketing ROI Because You Will Focus On Developing Lifetime Customers From Your New Customers

-You Will Have A Complete New Customer/Lifetime Customer System That We Will Provide As A Total Managed Service Under Your Direction. You Can Focus On Wowing Customers With Food Quality and Ensuring Your Staff Is The Best Team Possible

-Best of All, You Have Our Full Guarantee That Your Customer Acquisition Costs Will Be Less Than Your Present Costs And You Can Assure Yourself Of A No Risk Entry By Choosing Either A Per Customer Acquired Payment Plan

-Applications To Use The Paco Method And Our Managed Service Are Now Open. Only A Select Few Will Get In In This Round. Entrants in this round will also have the flexibility to end the contract after 3 or 6 months (whichever you decide) Once the program is well established, new clients will have 1-year agreements or longer

We're Opening The Door To New Users Of The Paco Method, With The Exclusivity Bonus Rights Included,
on June 1, for 1 Month Only, until July 1, 2017

A New Marketing Product & System For All New & Relaunching Food Trucks, Restaurants, Bars And Other Businesses That Will Fill Your Seats And Create Lineups. A System, A Formula, Full Implementation Support, Guarantees And High Return on Investment.

Do You Want To Be The Next Business That Goes All Paco On Your No Lineup Business Or Empty Place?

The Paco Method

Get Your Exclusive Rights To Use The Paco Method In Your Area Bonus, And Our Free Report only for Restaurants, Bars, Food Trucks and other similar businesses "31 Under The Radar Marketing Methods To Acquire New Customers And Keep Them As Lifetime Loyal Customers"
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