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A Different Way To Get Coaching

"Who are you and what do you do? What makes you unique? Keep it to 3-5 lines of writing. Say it out loud first before…

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Fun, Fun, Fun-Workplace Fun-Good or Bad?

“You gotta have fun. Regardless of how you look at it, we’re playing a game. It’s a business, it’s our job, but I don’t think you can do well unless you’re having fun.”

Derek Jeter  

Derek Jeter, recently retired New York Yankee shortstop

Jeter living the words

Read more about fun at work and in life

Making work fun in significant lasting ways. More productivity or less? Why are more leaders not endorsing the fun management principle? Raised on the old school nose to the grindstone life. Worried about client perception? Waiting for Fun Fridays is too predictable. Become a fun manager today!

If your stuck on this, you might be a prime candidate for one of our Business or Non Profit Leader Coaching packages.  It can be as simple as a daily email or text exchange, a phone call, or skype or hangouts messaging.  A free 7 day trial is available.  Contact us below if you’d like more information.

If you’re a ceo, coach, manager, director, or just a leader of women and/or men, we’d love to see your comments on how you make work fun.  Or send us your examples directly and get quoted and linked in upcoming articles on how to make work fun and productive at the same time.

Ron Douglas knows his stuff-online marketing-best seller writing


I’ve been following Ron Douglas’s work in online marketing for a while now, his specialty being writing and training new and existing to achieve great success.  I want to recommend his work to anyone. His sites and other projects will be front and centre in our “Resources For Local Business & Marketers” book, coming soon.

Best Selling Author & Online Marketing Expert

Ron Douglas

They’ve got a Best Sellers Summit workshop upcoming that looks full of great content and great presenters & providers.  All online.  The price is certainly right.  Too low I told him.  People will pay for quality, I wanted to say to him.  But he has his ideas and I’m sure he won’t be proven wrong.

He knows his persuasive writing too:  Take a look at this recent email from him.  Click the link below if you want more information on the Event .  (Disclaimer: we are a Douglas business affiliate).

Douglas email starts here
Hey, I just want to let you know that the Early Bird Price for our Best Sellers Summit is expiring tonight.  Here’s where you can still get into this 4-day online seminar for under $20:
This is a no-selling, 100% content training seminar with some of the top experts and best sellers around.
Should you register?
Well, if you already know how to do the 17 things listed below and are actively doing them, then no Mr. Smarty Pants – sit this one out and count your money or something :-).
But if you need to learn these things and don’t already make more money than you can shake a stick at, make sure you secure your spot and get the recordings package as well:
  1. How to find your niche online, come up with a winning product idea, and build a loyal tribe of long term buyers.
  2. How to break out of your indecisive slump, put all the pieces together, and finally take the profitable action steps that lets income flow freely to you day after day.
  3. A secret strategy for getting free traffic and building a following using simple blogs.
  4. What it really takes to create dependable monthly income with your own profitable membership site!
  5. A duplicable system you can use to achieve the ultimate credential for writers – the NY Times Best Sellers status.
  6. The proven blueprint for attaining expert status in your market using clever marketing tactics which don’t require an advertising budget.
  7. A simple formula for turning life’s obstacles into life’s financial opportunities that will enable you to effectively reach your personal and/or business goals.
  8. Simple ways to build a huge audience using free traffic sources and earn commissions from companies for casually referring their products.
  9. How to easily craft and practice your signature speech that enables you to build your author’s platform and sell books like crazy.
  10. Specific persuasive writing techniques that will have your loyal fans gladly marketing your content for you.
  11. An ingenious way to enhance your Amazon Kindle books and sell a ton more copies of each ebook you publish by making them interactive.
  12. How to use little know publicity tactics to increase your traffic organically, become the recognized expert for your subject area, and make more sales.
  13. The easy way to start your own podcast show and leverage the massive popularity of iTunes to sell books and products like crazy.
  14. A secret system for creating a best selling children’s book on Amazon in under 7 days that will enable you to use the power of Amazon to generate long term passive income from ongoing book royalties.
  15. An innovative new way to build a high responsive email list from the massive amount of mobile traffic online – even on a shoestring budget.
  16. The time-tested secrets best-selling authors utilize to get more exposure and audience reach without spending a single penny more on advertising or publicity costs.
  17. How to develop a cult like following for your content and products that leads to long term sustainable profits.
Here’s the link again – grab your spot now before the price increases at midnight:
End of Douglas email.



When We’re Dead, It Will Be For A Long Time!

“Remembering that I’ll be dead soon is the most important tool I’ve ever encountered to help me make the big choices in life. Because almost everything – all external expectations, all pride, all fear of embarrassment or failure – these things just fall away in the face of death, leaving only what is truly important.”  Steve Jobs

View Steve Jobs Stanford commencement speech 2005 below

Conclusion of Speech: Quoting Whole Earth Catalog founders in their final edition: “Stay foolish, Stay hungry”

Today I ask you, I ask myself, why are we waiting to make positive changes in our lives, our relationships, in our business, in our jobs. What’s holding you back?

Our Coaching and Advisory work for business, organizational and non profit leaders and managers is unique and highly adaptable to you and your business, work life and relationships.

It starts with a no obligation get to know each other free 20-30 minute discussion to identify the problems and blockages. Following that, if you want to begin discussing the solutions, we offer a further second no-cost consultation.

Sign up today and we will contact you with the details of the times available for the initial consultation.

“Only one life”  “Carpe Diem”

Try Disruptive Innovation To Really Break Through in 2016

Trying to create a breakthrough in your by doing the same old stuff, perhaps with a new “paint show”, new shiny exterior. It’s time to create a whole new you, a whole new business model. You need someone to help you think beyond your normal boundaries. Doing the same old thing year after year or with a few modifications, and expecting different results, let alone dramatically better results, is madness, to modify a famous quote somewhat.

Try Disruptive Innovation in your personal life. Creating a whole new You? Not just another piece of clothing, a new…

Posted by Bob Rempel on Friday, January 8, 2016

The Fastest Way To Become A Success In Life

This Amy Anderson Forbes article comes at a great time. The start of the year when we are creating new visions for our future life, new goals, or retooling and retargeting existing goals.…

Posted by Bob Rempel on Saturday, January 9, 2016

Build on what’s working!


We’ve all heard these phrases in business and biz talk:

Throw a lot of sh*t against the wall and see what sticks
Build on what’s working
Double Down
Go All In

You haven’t heard mine from my ball playing/coaching background:

The best operational leaders know what opportunities that you can “drive out of the park” because you know you can hit them on the sweet spot (the perfect location on your bat for max. distance) and they are right in your zone (your capabilities) They jump on those pitches (opportunities) and rarely miss. Winners beget winners.

“When you’re growing your store, you don’t have to kill yourself trying 100 new things.
Just build on what’s already working and go from there.”

It’s something I always find myself thinking about. Should I go explore some new marketing frontier or should I just double down on something that already has traction?

What do you think? Comments are open.

Watch for another post soon on “Getting back to the basics of business and life”, a variation on the theme of you can’t improve in sports until you execute the fundamentals well every time. When sports are going so well, first thing always advised is “Get back to the basics”. Does that business and life too?

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