Love Is The (Ultimate) Answer!

It Answers So Many Questions. Let More Love Flow!

See These Two Stories That Get To The Heart Of The Question: “What Is Life And How Am I Living It”

Main Regrets of the Dying

The Biggest Wastes of Time In My Life-Reflections Of Life After You Get Older

Tell Mom, think about Mom,this weekend and always, show your partner in life again you truly have his or her back unconditionally…out of love, and put your heart into an animal rescue project or join my partner Natalia Ruiz Gomez and her rapidly growing project to rescue animals in Mexico. The Animales Angels project. Or as you choose.

Love Is The (Ultimate) Answer!

Bob Rempel

Bob Rempel is an experienced leader, coach and management and marketing services consultant. Along with his team, he works with local and international business, startups and non profits worldwide who become part of the "Double Your Customers/Supporters" thrust, and the "20-20 Leaders with Vision Inner Circle". A Canadian, he is now also based in Mexico.

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