Try Disruptive Innovation To Really Break Through in 2016

Trying to create a breakthrough in your by doing the same old stuff, perhaps with a new “paint show”, new shiny exterior. It’s time to create a whole new you, a whole new business model. You need someone to help you think beyond your normal boundaries. Doing the same old thing year after year or with a few modifications, and expecting different results, let alone dramatically better results, is madness, to modify a famous quote somewhat.

Try Disruptive Innovation in your personal life. Creating a whole new You? Not just another piece of clothing, a new…

Posted by Bob Rempel on Friday, January 8, 2016

Bob Rempel

Bob Rempel is an experienced leader, coach and management and marketing services consultant. Along with his team, he works with local and international business, startups and non profits worldwide who become part of the "Double Your Customers/Supporters" thrust, and the "20-20 Leaders with Vision Inner Circle". A Canadian, he is now also based in Mexico.

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