Why Is This Called The Paco Method Bob?

The Paco Method Customer Formula & System

Why Are You Calling This The Paco Method Bob?
What the H… Is It Man?
Who is Paco?  Who Is It For?  What Can It Do For Us?
Give Us 5 Quick Reasons The Paco Method Will Be Perfect For Our Business!
And The Questions Keep Coming. They Deserve Answers And We’ve Got Answers.
“It’s About The Empty Seats, No Lineups, Empty Store, No Names On The Appointment Calendar”, I responded, “Truly Your Number 1 Problem If You’re In Business”   Tweet This.
“But Let Me Start The Answer With A Story, Please”, I Said.
It was the Sunday just before New Years in Ixtapa, Mexico, and people weren’t ready to wind up their vacations. Mid afternoon, either time for a late lunch or early snack. I was walking around, but it wasn’t easy.  The foot traffic was heavy. If you know Ixtapa, you’ll know there are many restaurants and bars off the main street in a commercial area where it’s just foot traffic.
I was alone. First I passed one establishment with the tv on loud enough for me to notice and a waiter handed me a menu with a smile.  I said gracias and on I went.
Next, I passed a new bbq restaurant…ribs and more, not fine dining, but likely great tasting food and perfect for a tourist crowd.   Not open yet, and sort of hidden away.  They were going to need a great marketing approach just to fill the seats, it appeared to me at first glance.
Then I came up to a place let’s call Franklin’s Restaurant & Brews
I sat down and observed…
So I started talking with Tess, the greeter standing outside.  Tess was a friendly sort, with a great smile, and we chatted a bit in between her “Hello” type greeting to the  Tourists in groups of 2, 3, 4 and even larger, that kept walking by quite regularly. A treasure trove of new customers, it seemed to me, but she had “no game”.
Perhaps it was her restaurant and bar and owner who had no game.  I don’t know for certain.   “I’ve got too many customers and I want to keep my seats empty, said no restaurant and bar owner ever, I thought to myself.  But maybe I had found one.  Successful, complacent, not enough motivation to make that extra dollar.  With that kind of thinking the seeds of ultimate destruction have been sowed, I said to no one in particular.
Well, I just read something recently that famed chef and restaurant owner, Gordon Ramsay had submitted.

Gordon Ramsay

Worth sharing with her. Firstly I said, I’m just a simple customer who wants to go where there seems to be a chance for good food at a good price.  What do I look for?  I just want to see how full the place is at normal busy times, Busy at off times really piques my interest.  There has to be a reason why the place looks busy.  I’m willing to take a chance.   I walk in.    So what’s that principle of human behavior, I said?  Important I think to know and remember. I’m not the only one who is willing to follow…for great food, great atmosphere, great value. I don’t know what is the reason until I’m inside, But I have to try.

“They start thinking about the bright lights and accolades instead of filling their restaurant. As opposed to worrying about being famous, worry about the restaurant being popular within your neighborhood. The NYTimes, Michelin, The New Yorker, they will come visit you if it’s the best in the neighborhood, but don’t worry about outside of that neighborhood. Become full on a Monday, Tuesday, and a Wednesday. If a restaurant in its first six months can be full on a Monday and Tuesday, then the rest of it takes care of itself.

The second thing is to know your customers. Cook within the vicinity you are in and don’t start reaching too far too soon.”

So off I went and spent the next three months researching and preparing the best of “New Customer Acquisition” strategies for businesses like these Ixtapa restaurants.  Lots of traffic. However, no game when it comes to luring customers into their place of business. I use lure in the most positive way.  Think of a fishing lure. Flashy, enticing, a true persuader, and it keeps working in the water.  Persuasion brings them in.  Then the system requires the business to truly deliver on its promises and initial appeal.  The process towards creating high value lifetime customers and fans.

The Paco Method was our working title but in the end we decided to brand the program this way.  It is easily repeatable methods that together form a complete system.  The best in return on investment because everyone needs better value from their marketing.  The best in data collection or we’re not going to be able to tweak it when necessary.

So When We Met Again Recently The Questions Kept Coming.

Why Is This Called The Paco Method?  

Paco in Spanish is Ferdinand. Like the Bull?

No, I Replied, There Is Much More Finesse Behind It.

It’s called The Paco Method because in business we can all use The Paco Methods to get potential customers who are walking by our business or seeing, in person or virtually, our business and what we offer, into our business and buying from us.

Is Paco Real Or An Imaginary Individual?

Paco is real, he is 15 and he’s got more marketing and sales mojo than most of us twice or three times his age.

Paco is in the food business.   Paco deals with tourists every day on the beaches of Acapulco.  Paco has products he believes in. He walks by them, just the reverse, but so similar in a way.  

He has 5 seconds to turn them into potential customers, and perhaps ongoing customers & fans.  Maybe not for his lifetime, but his methods are designed to turn them into lifetime fans of the Paco brand and products.  

What caught my attention the most was the fact he speaks 10 languages, enough of each to engage in a conversation with potential customers.   A critical rule of engagement is to bring down the barriers that everyone puts up when they see a sales person walking to them or they feel they have fallen into a sales trap.

The conversation is real, he is a bit of a novelty when they see his maturity in his teenage years, and the fact he just spoke with them in their first language.

The Paco Method is our brand and marketing name here at the RempelGroup Team for a customer and client development formula and system that “Gets Them & Keeps Them” if we can dumb it down to what it does.  

The System is formally called “From The First 5 Seconds To A Lifetime Customer & Loyal Fan”:  Acquiring & Keeping Valuable Customers For Your Restaurant, Bar, Food Truck & All Other Food Businesses.   We know it works for many other businesses and organizations as well, and we’ll be launching new Paco Method programs for other types of business with our partners over the next 12 months.

All of us in business can learn from Paco, wise in marketing well beyond his years.   We created a full ongoing system of new customer acquisition and lifetime customer development with full operational support from us that you can use daily.  It was all inspired by Paco.

I’ll send you the links to the Paco story and video that went viral online, I said to her.

Paco sells empanadas in 10 languages

Video Link: https://youtu.be/U-fhaNQAbNs  (Viral-Interview)  https://youtu.be/AfL8j2fkvkk (Viral Live Tv Interview 2) https://youtu.be/gkwMxCOpT5I  and https://youtu.be/IA_znlvagE4  

And the questions continued!

Q. Who Is It Best For?  

A. For All New or Relaunching Businesses Who Want To Consistently Fill The Seats & Create Long Lineups

Q. Who Is Delivering The Paco Method?  

A. Bob Rempel and the RempelGroup Team…30 years of marketing & communications expertise leading a talented team of individuals that produce results in today’s world.  Bottom line thinking always.

Q.  Why you, how do I know this will work, 

A. This is what we do, it’s our specialty. We provide guarantees and options for a compensation based on results implementation. Picture this. It’s almost gif like… Your empty restaurant, bar or food truck looking in from outside with you the worried owner looking on. Then Paco enters the picture and your picture changes to a full restaurant, bar or food truck lineup, with many people and many smiles.  High ROI (return on investment) marketing and communications is the answer.  Our system works.  Let’s see if a partnership is a good fit.

Q. Why Should We Be One Of The First?  Why Not Wait Until Others Are Using It Successfully?      

A. Do you remember what Ramsay said, I responded?     

What are the real reasons over 60 percent of all restaurants and bars fail in the first five years? If you make it to five that would be great, I said, many of those never make it past their first year.

This CNBC Article points to the importance of Location, what we’d call knowing your Neighborhood, your Demographics, and your Competition.  It’s about the physical location and it’s about the location you occupy in your potential customer’s mind.

Do your restaurant or bar business appear to be worthy of a visit?  That’s more complicated than it seems.  Every person has different criteria and mental screens on which they assess those they wish to enter into an economic and sensory relationship with.

I’ll tell you what works for me personally I told her.  I’m not selling here.  If I see many of the seats filled and people smiling and enjoying themselves, I want to give that place a try.  So you see why for someone like me, and I know I’m not unique because it’s a basic psychological principle of wanting proof before we put down our own money and time, you’ve got to do anything to first get the seats filled.  Paper the house if you have to.  I’m a valuable lifetime customer, I’m loyal, I value places that keep their staff and stay constant in their offerings with a little flair from time to time of course. First, you’ve got to me to come in.

The article also suggests that Restaurants & Bars live in a new age where digital means allow the world to know your failures so quickly, but less so your successes.  There are some simple management processes I told her that allow you to make sure that your successes and the positive feelings of your new and    We call that simply “stupid”!  Bad business.

Fast Forward to late April. Here’s a published review I saw the other day about the new rib place….My millennial-aged daughter         forwarded it to

People Do Read Reviews! You Need Many, Many Positive Ones To Outweigh 1 Negative Review

me. We were talking about going to try their ribs.  She decided she wanted to try the other place mentioned.  Not enough other positive reviews and word of mouth to counteract this review by some tourists. 

Here’s What I Believe,  And What We Emphasize In The Paco Method Program.  

-You (your restaurant, food truck, bar, other food services) Will Mine Every Piece Of Positive Feedback & Comments

-You Will Become A Star With Your Customers-their friend, their confidant, their trusted advisor on your best food products that day, a leader in the community they will follow

-You Will Become A Star In Your Neighborhood And Your Community And People

-You And Your Staff Will Know Exactly The 5-10 Words You Need To Say To Every Prospective Customer (depending on the type of customer and the read you get) To Get Them To Truly Want To Come Into Your Business.  Yes, This Will Take Some Training & Practice.

-You Will Know And Use 3 Advanced Digital Marketing Methods Almost No One Else Is Using To Lure And Attract New Customers To Your Place of Business.

-You Will Know And Use 3 Old School Marketing Methods and Principles of Persuasion That Go Back To The Times Of Dale Carnegie And Other Master Persuaders That Everyone Else Has Forgotten

-You Will Develop Great Marketing ROI Because You Will Focus On Developing Lifetime Customers From Your New Customers

-You Will Have A Complete New Customer/Lifetime Customer System That We Will Provide As A Total Managed Service Under Your Direction.  You Can Focus On Wowing Customers With Food Quality and Ensuring Your Staff Are The Best Team Possible.

-Best of All, You Have Our Full Guarantee That Your Customer Acquisition Costs Will Be Less Than Your Present Costs And You Can Assure Yourself Of A No Risk Entry By Choosing Either A Per Customer Acquired Payment Plan

-Applications To Use The Paco Method And Our Managed Service Are Now Open.  Only A Select Few Will  Get In In This Round. Entrants in this round will also have the flexibility to end the contract after 3 or 6 months (whichever you decide)   Once the program is well established, new clients will have 1-year agreements or longer.

Q. We’re Interested. So What Should We Do Next?

A. Send us an email note, call us, or go to our start page and download the application form.  Let’s see if we’re a good fit for each other.


More on Paco the Acapulco beach vendor who went viral.

Paco sells empanadas in 10 languages

Video of Acapulco beach vendor has made him a celebrity

Video Link Here: https://youtu.be/U-fhaNQAbNs  (viral-interview)  https://youtu.be/AfL8j2fkvkk (viral live tv interview 2)  https://youtu.be/gkwMxCOpT5I


Mexico News Daily | Saturday, October 29, 2016

A young beach vendor from Acapulco has become a celebrity overnight after a video showing him selling empanadas in his own original way went viral.

Francisco Orihuela Ramírez, 15, is not only a successful salesman, he is also proficient enough to offer his homemade products in 10 different languages — Spanish, English, French, Italian, Dutch, German, Russian, Portuguese, Arabic and Hebrew — to tourists on the beaches of Acapulco.

Paco, as he is known by his family, is fond of music, plays the guitar and is an avid reader. He also prepares his own products, mostly empanadas, but sometimes a dessert known as flan as well. What he wasn’t prepared for was the instant stardom and attention he has received in the last week.

In his unique way, the youth approaches beachgoers and instantly attracts their attention: “What you’re missing is a little snack, like some empanadas, don’t you think? A good purchase today, as I have ham and cheese, cheese and ham, and diet shark. Salsa and napkins are on the house to draw you in, what do you say?”

Paco can be heard telling his customers that “if you don’t buy empanadas from me now, you’ll have to wait 86,400 seconds, which amount to the 24 hours between today and tomorrow, the time you’ll spend wondering why you didn’t have an empanada today.”

“If the quality of the empanada is not good enough to satisfy your palates’ needs, I would immediately proceed to refund your money,” he said, before relentlessly going on to give his customers no option but to buy two orders.

Paco walks six days a week from the Gran Hotel to the Calinda Hotel, in the Santa Lucía bay area. “It’s several hours,” he said, “depending on how hard I work that day.”

But work, for Paco, is not a burden. “. . . you’ve got to see it as a fun part of your routine. It’s easier that way.”

“I’ve liked business since I was a kid. In primary school, I brought lots of candies and sold them. It’s what I do,” said young entrepreneur told the newspaper Milenio.

Of his sales spiel, he said he was born with it. “I like to do it, see people react to my speech. It’s amusing. Of course I am thinking about what I’m going to say, I always try to do something different, to stand out, but in the end, it’s all just fun.”

The viral recording of that spiel went far, reaching the director of strategic alliances at Telmex, Elías Ayub, who said in a tweet he wanted to get in touch with Paco.

“I’m not joking. If someone knows how to get in touch with him, I would thank you. I want to bring him to work with me NOW.”

The businessman’s enthusiastic tweet paid off and he soon was in contact by phone with Paco’s parents, to whom he offered a scholarship for their son.

In a video posted on his Facebook page, Ayub said he learned that both parents are working and they are all right economically. “They said that they are doing OK, and that they don’t need a scholarship, nor are they in need of anything, and that Paco’s video going viral was serendipitous.”

“It is kids like Paco, who are willing to work, who are the entrepreneurs we must help and support, because they make the country a better place,” said Ayub in his recording.

Paco, for his part, said he felt proud of all the attention and thanked Ayub for his words, “and for buying five empanadas.”

Paco said he was interested in meeting people like Ayub, “because we always need investors.”

Source: Milenio (sp), El Universal (sp)

See more at: http://mexiconewsdaily.com/news/paco-sells-empanadas-in-10-languages

What Is The Most Common Mistake New Restauranteurs Make?
Two relevant answers by experienced restaurateurs, from this Quora thread.  More on the Empty Seats Empty Premises problem.

“They try to be superman and do everything so they can be all things to all people.

If that is hard to read or process imagine what it is like trying to live it.

Small business people tend to think they can do it all. After all, they put in the work to get where they are now and were successful so why can’t they keep on that route?

The problem is most people cannot maintain that level of focus and cannot be experts in all fields. My goal is if I can hire someone to do my tasks at least to 80% of what I can do then I should hire them for that so I can focus on what I am good at.

What is a restaurateur’s time worth? If I am worth $50 an hour and I pay someone $15 to do 80% of a job as well as I do then I am getting 180% for $15. I get my time back to focus on what I am best at and I get the other job done as well. Worst case scenario I need to touch up their work.

Why be penny wise and pound foolish trying to spend 4 hours hacking out a plumbing job when a plumber can do it better, faster, and ultimately cheaper.

Then they need to focus on their Unique Selling Point. You cannot easily be simultaneously a high-end wine bar with cheap food, late night music, Chinese Tapas with an Ecuadorean Veg Forward bent, and whatever the top 10 trends list say are going to be popular. Pick a USP and go all in on that.

Then market it. Collect email addresses and get Facebook advertising going. There are so many outlets for marketing and most restaurateurs have a website that hasn’t been touched in a year and think their annual Yellow Pages ad is enough.

Any restaurateur, especially a first timer, needs to learn to focus, to work on what is truly important and not try to be Superman.”

from 12 Year Restaurant Owner Damon Sauer:  written February 6, 2017

“I opened my second restaurant and thought I had done everything right. Advertising, ramp-ups, dry-runs, the works. I didn’t have more than 1 or 2 customers in the first 3 weeks in a 250 seat restaurant. One night during dinner, a couple walked into my empty restaurant and I heard her say to her husband “This place is totally empty, the food must be terrible!” and they turned to leave. I chased after them and explained that we had just opened (Grand-Opening sign wasn’t enough?) – I treated them to anything they wanted. Another week went by and I had already started letting all but a single cook and waitress go home early. 5 pm came and people started coming in, and more people, and more people. Every seat was filled and I only had 1 waitress and 1 cook. I tried calling people back in… but nobody EVER answers a call from the boss after they have been let go early lol. Turns out that that couple was friends with a critic who subsequently reviewed my restaurant in the local paper with 5 out of 5 stars. (It was a local paper I am sure I wouldn’t get a 2 out of 5 in New York). We made it through the night and were busy from that day forward.

Most common mistake – being under-funded. You just know that you will pack your place in the first day/week/month and that just isn’t reality no matter how good your food is.”

Bob Rempel


Bob Rempel is an experienced leader, coach and management and marketing services consultant. Along with his team, he works with local and international business, startups and non profits worldwide who become part of the "Double Your Customers/Supporters" thrust, and the "20-20 Leaders with Vision Inner Circle". A Canadian, he is now also based in Mexico.

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